About Us

What is NAMUN?

Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations is an international prestigious conference which is going to have its 9th annual session this December. We are one of the most experienced and well-known mun conferences in Turkey. Our passion and perfectionism have led to an increasing amount of interest throughout the years. NAMUN has been welcoming hundreds of both high school and college students from all around the world in order to discuss and come up with solutions to real-world problems in their committees.

How can you attend?

Due to the ongoing pandemic in the world, NAMUN’ 20 will be held online this year as a difference from past years. Despite all obstacles, we are looking forward to meeting with our beloved participant for the 9th year and we are doing our best to maintain and even raise the “NAMUN quality”. Our professionally built website will be on your service for updates and applications. You can also check out our Facebook page, @namun2020, our Twitter page, @20namun and our Instagram page, @namun.2020.

Our Beloved Teams

MUN comes to life thanks to the works of our hard-working teams which are academic and organization teams. Our academic team worked day and night all summer long with our even more hard-working Secretary-General, Nil Hamavioğlu, her Deputy Secretary-General Işıl Nehir Arslan, and our precious Head of Academic Assistant Arda Gürcan with his team, Arda Kırmıt, Nehir Çalışkan, Kuzey Özbakır, İdil Yüzbaşıoğlu, Sumru Bekar, Melisa Ketencioğlu, and Melisa Bozyel. We also would like to thank our Head of Crisis İlayda Altay and her team, Zeynep Duru Atik, Ada Doğa Özkır, Doğa Gürsoy, Alp Robert Schonekker, Ece Nehir Özgün, and Kayra Elif İpek for their problem creating skills. Although organizing an MUN in a pandemic is almost impossibly complicated, our skillful and patient organization team members worked their way out of it. With our esteemed Director-General, Beril Kılıç’s guidance and with her Deputy Director-General Emir Ormanoğlu’s endless efforts, with our Head of PR Sıla Göçer and her team, Elif Yaren Çelebi, Burçe Öztürk, Bahar Bülbül, Doğa Çiçek, we were able to make it. Our dear head of Business Ekin Yücel and her associate Artun Gucun have been the backbone of Namun’20. Our Heads of press Irmak Beşer and Defne Nalbantoğlu, their associates Elif Yazgan and Yıldız Bozkurt are the reason we could get where we are. Last but not least, with the conference being held online, our beloved Head of IT Derin Durak was the one who worked the hardest to offer you the NAMUN quality. We are counting days to #JointheWorldsHeartbeat with you for the 9th time!

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